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PV Power and Sustainable Energy: What We Offer

We offer PV Power solutions that generate sustainable energy for your residential and commercial establishments. At Taqa Energy we want to assist fellow South Africans with PV power solutions and sustainable energy that will make load shedding a thing of the past for our customers. Can you imagine how great it will be if you’re not affected by area power outages? While the town’s electricity is off, you can continue with your work productivity and your home activities without any interruptions. So here are the PV power solutions we have to offer you.

Our Power Solutions

  • Grid Tied: This is our AC Coupled / DC Coupled power solution
    • Shared a connection with grid: This option allows you to reduce your municipal bill from a day-time saving point of view. This solution suits commercial establishments more than residential households.
  • Off Grid: With this solution you can have your own power set up where the grid is not connected while you’re able to utilize power from PV or from batteries.
  • Back Up: This solution helps with load shedding. The systems are designed to suit your operational needs during load shedding. With this option you would use the municipality electricity to charge the batteries. However, it could lead to an increase in municipal bills.
  • Hybrid: This is a shared connection with the grid. The grid is only there to assist if PV cannot generate sustainable energy for that period.
  • Management Systems: To ensure that your power solution is doing what it should we put the following management systems in place. Such as management reports, ROI calculations, tracking of ROI, self-efficiency percentage, etc.
  • Maintenance Plans: On a regular basis we can assist you with the maintenance of your power system that have been installed by us.

If you have a unique request that you don’t see in our list above, we would love to hear about it. So get in touch with us and let us know what you require in terms of power solutions in order for your building to function as it should.

Contact us for a quotation or more information about what we have to offer.