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Energy Solutions – Our Approach

At Taqa Energy we understand how important energy solutions are in this country that we live in. Energy has become scarce so load shedding has increased and become a part of our lives. Whether you’re at home or at work, load shedding and lack of electricity has an impact on everyone’s lives. It causes certain activities such as production, communication and even cooking to come to a complete stand still. It is this disruption that has given us purpose in providing this wonderful country with more energy solutions. Our approach gives you an alternative solution to the country’s current electricity resource. At Taqa Energy we design PV energy solutions as required by each customer in order to suit their particular energy needs. So whether you need an alternative energy solution for the home or for work, whether you use a lot of energy or maybe even just have a minimal requirement, we are here to design that energy infrastructure for your home or business. Our energy solutions are flexible enough to cater for entities big and small. Even if you want to reduce the amount on your municipal bill, we can assist you with a solution for that too. Our skilled team is not only able to design the suitable energy solution for your building, they can install the complete system too so that your building can function as normal when we’re done. You will be able to continue with your production jobs at work and use your appliances at home without any interruptions. It is good to not be so dependent on Eskom and not have load shedding disrupt your daily life so much.    

We offer the following energy solutions:

  • Grid Tied
  • Shared Connection With Grid
  • Off Grid Solutions
  • Back Up Systems
  • Hybrid Connections
  • Management Systems
  • Maintenance Plans

For more detail on each of our energy solutions, go ahead and browse the rest of our website for more information.

Safety First

The safety aspect of our energy solutions is extremely important to us. Once the process is complete, you should feel assured that the systems we put in place are safe for continued use in your establishment. Therefore, all our installations that are performed at every home or business falls within the SANS requirements. In addition, all installations are PV Green Card Approved upon the completion of each installation.  

Get in touch with us to check what solution will suit your circumstances and we will provide you with an energy solution coupled with a quotation.